Winning with Shopper Media

In today’s ecosystem of commerce, traditional shopper marketing is no longer enough. There is no longer one clear path, and shopping is not a deliberate, compartmentalized act. Shopping is spontaneous, deconstructed and integrated into the flow of everyday life.

The new urgent reality for brands and retailers is how to capitalize on shoppers’ and consumers’ evolving behaviors and preferences. The so-called “funnel” is gone; and consumers expect faster, easier and intuitive shopping that is personally relevant to where they are in life, on the devices and apps they use, and on demand. TPN calls this “Shopping in the Flow,” and conducted extensive research to understand how shopping is now a fluid activity woven within the daily lives of consumers.

Your target is “Shopping In the Flow” as they go through their day, from their phones, couches, desks and cars. It’s our job at TPN to reach and engage your target wherever they are and deliver connected, frictionless experiences at the speed of dynamic commerce. Our mission is simple: to Make the Buy Happen. We combine curated technology, art and human insight to create connected experiences that build brand commitment.

In the below presentation we explore a topic that we see as a key response to shopping behavior evolutions – Shopper Media – which we believe is radically changing the world of Shopper Marketing as we know it.

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