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  • Back-To-School


    Back-to-School Shoppers Plan to Purchase As the new school year kicks into high gear for most of the country, parents and students will find a changing shopping landscape. No longer are they racing to retail stores without a plan for braving the crowd days before the school year starts. Digitally-driven brick and mortar purchases are…
  • Pinterest: What’s New?

    Pinterest: What’s New?

    TPN’s Digital Marketing and Commerce team keeps a constant eye on innovation to keep our agency and clients informed. In the latest installment, we dove into new functionalities of Pinterest and how these have helped the platform stay relevant. Watch the TECH DMC minute below. TechDMC Report 28 August 2017 from TPN on Vimeo.
  • Highlights from Cannes 2017: The Influence of Great Storytelling

    Highlights from Cannes 2017: The Influence of Great Storytelling

    Storytelling is a popular word in the current marketing lexicon. Its one of the most authentic ways to ignite a bond between brands and consumers and was the theme of many talks and sessions at Cannes 2017, including one with Ira Glass (Producer, host, creator of This American Life, among others). Glass spoke about how…
  • TPN Seasonal Pulse: SUMMER!

    TPN Seasonal Pulse: SUMMER!

      ABOUT SEASONAL PULSE: The TPN Seasonal Pulse is a quantitative tracking study fielded 6 times per year. This work is a deep dive into the consumer and shopper mindsets and behaviors of our client’s target audiences during the most important shopping seasons of the year: New Year, Spring, Summer, Back-to-School, Fall and Winter Holidays.…
  • Highlights from Cannes 2017:  Consuming vs. Doing

    Highlights from Cannes 2017: Consuming vs. Doing

    There’s no question that technology has fundamentally changed our lives—constant connectivity is a reality. But what level of connectivity is the healthiest? And how do we actually make consumers lives better verses creating addictive behaviors? This question entered my mind several times over the past few days at Cannes and particularly in listening to talks…
  • Highlights from Cannes: Keith Barry Brings Magic to Marketing

    Highlights from Cannes: Keith Barry Brings Magic to Marketing

    The highlight of the Saturday’s sessions at the Palais was Keith Barry: a hypnotist, mentalist and magician. What, exactly does magic have to do with marketing? The answer could be… everything. Ken Hertz from memBrain interviewed Barry focusing on the power of suggestion and the ways our subconscious minds can be persuaded from reality. Barry…
  • Amazon Acquires Whole Foods…. Now What?

    Amazon Acquires Whole Foods…. Now What?

    Amazon announced that it is acquiring Whole Foods. The impact of this purchase is far reaching for retailers, grocers and brands. As marketers, we need to understand what this shift means to the retail landscape and to shopper expectations. Given this news, TPN’s Digital Commerce team has developed thoughts on what happens now and what…
  • #NRF17: Top 5 Trends to Focus on NOW

    #NRF17: Top 5 Trends to Focus on NOW

    All  the gadgets and gizmos at NRF are always a lot to take in. There are miles of new technology to explore. So what are the top NRF trends that you REALLY need to pay attention to NOW? Here’s our take: OmniChannel = Unified Commerce “Omnichannel” has been the name of the game for quite…
  • Don’t Lose Your Intern POV

    Don’t Lose Your Intern POV

    8 months ago, I walked through the doors of TPN as a college student, who had recently finished their junior year, ready to take on this new journey—my first internship. 8 months later, I am a changed person. Starting your first internship impacts you in a way that school never does—It’s experience in the real…
  • Amazon Go Is A Game Changer

    Amazon Go Is A Game Changer

    How many times have you walked into a grocery store and selected everything you needed within 5 min, only to find that you have to wait at checkout for half an hour because there is a woman holding up the line while she digs through her enormous purse looking for change to pay her $7.25…
  • Big Changes in Ecomm

    Big Changes in Ecomm

    This morning, Walmart announced a $3.3 billion dollar deal to acquire—the highest price ever paid for an eCommerce company. has quickly become known for “Gamifying Shopping” with its pricing algorithm based on encouraging higher average order value baskets, while producing savings for their customers. However, currently less than 1/3rd of’s orders are fulfilled from’s warehouses. With Walmart and teaming…
  • #PrimeDay – What You Need To Know

    #PrimeDay – What You Need To Know

    What is Prime Day? Prime Day is a day where Amazon has deep discounts on many of their products and services. Last year’s Prime day was the first time Amazon did this event, and although many of the products that were discounted were viewed as poor selections for such a large event, Amazon declared it a…

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