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  • Daily Deal Sites: Bargain Hunting Gets Targeted

    Daily Deal Sites: Bargain Hunting Gets Targeted

    There’s no one who loves the thrill of hunting down a good bargain more than me. And that’s why I love all the daily deal sites that I subscribe to. My heart flutters when I see my alert pop up or when I get an email from notifying me of the brand they…
  • The #brandbowl

    The #brandbowl

    The Super Bowl. The one day of the year we don’t set our DVRs. Instead of fast-forwarding through the commercials, we’re glued to the TV to capture every second. We pay a lot of attention to the major players on the big screen, but now so much of Super Bowl engagement is occurring on much…
  • The Rebranding of an NBA Team

    The Rebranding of an NBA Team

    I’m from Charlotte, NC. Born and raised. 1988 was a big year for my hometown. Even though I was pretty young at the time, I knew something major was happening. Charlotte got its first major sports team, the NBA Charlotte Hornets expansion team, and the city was changed forever. People LOVED the Hornets, from the…
  • Canadians Probably Expected More from Target

    Canadians Probably Expected More from Target

    With over $2 billion in cumulative losses over the past few quarters, Target has announced it will be pulling out of the Canadian market altogether. This decision follows a careful review of all the retailer’s options in the country and the subsequent realization that none would realistically return Target Canada to profitability until 2021. In addition to…
  • Shoppability 2.0 in the age of Curated Discovery

    Shoppability 2.0 in the age of Curated Discovery

    I’ve been thinking a lot about curated discovery lately. As I opened my 1st Stitch Fix box, giddy with excitement, it occurred to me that if this isn’t engagement, I don’t know what is. But not just brand engagement, because to be honest, the brands I was receiving in my stylist chosen box of clothes…
  • Shopping: Men Vs Women

    Shopping: Men Vs Women

    In a recent story in The Future of Commerce, Amy Hatch writes about the “Myth of the Mansumer”, a study surveyed of 1,700+ consumers that highlighted the how the differences of shopping habits between men and women are “virtually non-existent”. The main culprit in driving the lack of difference: technology. Over the last few years, many retailers have worked to…
  • Zappos Pops Up in Vegas

    Zappos Pops Up in Vegas

    While some techies might think the most exciting time to be in Vegas is now, during CES, we were there last month as well and ventured into another type of Vegas spectacle, a pop-up retail experience brought to shoppers by Zappos. The store took over an old casino space off of Fremont Street in “old…
  • #CES2015 – Faster, Smarter – and connected.

    #CES2015 – Faster, Smarter – and connected.

      The #CES2015 mission by the numbers: In 72 hours, you have to cover 2.2 Million square feet of exhibit floor, wade through over 3600 exhibitors, not to mention a record number of Kickstarter and Indiegogo startups. Oh, did I mention you get to do this with over 170,000 attendees? Here a quick hit-list of trends…
  • Retail Commuting

    Retail Commuting

    We are truly a nation of commuters! I, personally, commute via public transportation daily, 90 minutes each way, 5 days a week. The idea of being able to easily and efficiently get my shopping done in route is very appealing. And while I know that this option has been available to me on my mobile for…
  • Holiday Shoppers are Ready to Spend

    Holiday Shoppers are Ready to Spend

    According to a survey by consulting firm Deloitte, Twenty percent of holiday shoppers plan to buy jewelry this year, up from eighteen percent last year, and the highest number since 2007. Additionally, twenty-five percent of people have jewelry on their wish lists this year, the most since 2006. These figures may signal that the economic…
  • Vote Manolo for DSF Board of Directors

    Vote Manolo for DSF Board of Directors

  • Starbucks: Premium Coffee & iBeacons

    Starbucks: Premium Coffee & iBeacons

    Starbucks has announced a plan to begin using Apple’s iBeacons in its premium coffee stores next year to blend the retailer’s focus on mobile with its upscale lines of java. The iBeacons will be coming to the premium Roastery and Tasting Rooms to give customers access to information about their coffee via Bluetooth technology on their…

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